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    Brewer's Lantern Blog

    5 Tips to Find and Keep the Perfect Christmas Tree!

    1. Find the Perfect Spot in the House:

    This is one of the most important parts of the Christmas tree picking process. It is important because you want to make sure you get a tree that’s the right size for the room you’re putting it in. You want to make sure there is enough room at the top for your tree topper and you don’t want it to be too wide where people bump into it when they walk around the room. A little saying, we like to use here at Brewer’s Lantern is “measure twice buy once” because the last thing you want is to have to do is buy another tree! Also, as tempting as it is to put your tree next to your warm cozy fireplace that is one of the worst places for it because it will dry your tree out faster. Christmas Trees last longer in a cooler environment so look around the room for air vents and try to avoid those as well if you want your tree to last longer and remain fresh!

    "Measure Twice, Buy Once!"


    1. Pick What Kind of Christmas Tree You Want:

    When it comes to Christmas trees there are many different types to choose from and it’s important to know the difference so you know which tree will be the best for your Christmas décor. First you have your Fir Trees, our favorite being the Fraser Fir. These type of Christmas trees are known for having strong branches great for ornament hanging and having a strong fragrance to fill the house with the smell of Christmas! Next is the Pine Trees, these types of Christmas trees are not known for having the strongest branches so decorating this type of tree might not require using all the ornaments you have, you don’t want to risk them falling off and breaking. If you don’t love the smell of Christmas trees Pine is a good option because it has a low-medium fragrance that’s not as powerful as the Fir Trees. Last type of tree we are going to talk about is the Spruce Tree. These trees are a good choice if you want to use a lot of ornaments because they have strong branches like the Firs. Also, the Spruce comes in several different blueish silver or blueish green colors so it’s a different color than most which I think is cool. Spruce trees often have a medium-strong fragrance. Either of these three options are great for Christmas trees. Which type of tree you decide is up to you and your family completely. 

    Fraser Fir 

    Virginia Pine 

    Blue Spruce 


    1. Check the Freshness

    When checking the freshness of a Christmas tree there are a few things to look for when picking the freshest tree. First feel the trunk of the tree, if its slightly sticky that means it is still fresh because it is still producing sap. A non-sticky tree trunk could mean the tree has been cut down for a while and has stopped producing sap which could leave you with a dried-out tree! Next is to check the needles, the way you do this is to give one of the needles a bend with your fingers. Fresh Fir trees should snap right in half if the tree is still fresh. Pines are the opposite to tell the freshness the needles from the pine tree should bend and not break at all, if a pine needle snaps in half you know it’s not fresh! Follow these simple steps and you’ll have the freshest Christmas tree that will last you into the New Year!


    1. Designate a Somebody to be the Waterer!

    WATER YOUR TREE EVERY MORNING AND NIGHT! Believe it or not Christmas trees are thirsty! If you put somebody in charge of the watering hopefully the person you designate will do their job! We designated two Brew Crew members to be the daily waterers so that our tree never goes without! If your tree goes without water it can seal itself off which leads to it drying out and dying. When a tree seals itself off this means it no longer can consume water which makes it dry out and when that happens it tends to shed its needles more and the branches become flimsier and breakable. Not too mention a dried out tree is a bit of a fire hazzard. So, to avoid any holiday disasters such as a needleless tree, broken ornaments from snapped branches, or fires water your tree daily!   

    Water your tree at the base like this at least twice a day!
    1. Pick out your Décor

    Time for the fun part, choosing your Christmas trees décor! The fun thing about Christmas tree decorations these days is that the sky is the limit on what you can do. Some people prefer ribbons, some like popcorn, some like a lot of ornaments, some like not so much ornaments, and some people even choose a theme. At my house my girlfriend and I have a Harry Potter themed tree while at Brewer’s we have a red, gold, and green ornaments with a ribbon topper and a bunch of different lantern decorations. Whatever your thing is make it into a Christmas tree, get creative and have fun decorating your house for the holidays!

    Brewer's Lantern's tree

    My Harry Potter themed tree at my house. (I know its a fake tree, I’m a phony...)

    Top Reviewed and Purchased Products of the Holidays!

    At Brewer’s Lantern, we strive to be the best we can be for our customers and keep them fully satisfied with both our products and our services. One thing we love is hearing feedback from our customers to know what we are doing right or what we need to improve on. With the holidays being right around the corner and Black Friday and Cyber Monday being over we thought we’d share with you the top products customers have purchased and what they have said about them!

    1. Massey Pullover:

    One of our best-selling products so far, this holiday season has been our classic Massey Pullover. One of our customers Steven left a comment recently saying, “Excellent product and quick shipping, one of my favorite jackets this winter.” While another customer by the name of B said, “These pullovers are soft and comfortable.” We love this jacket because it can be dressed down with a nice button up or worn more casually with your favorite t-shirt underneath. It comes in three different colors; Pinecone (Brown), Blackberry (Navy), and Ivy (Teal/Green) in sizes S-XXL. If you own a Massey Pullover leave a comment and let us know we’d love to hear from you!




    2. Faulkton Plaid Button Down:

    Our next best seller was the Faulkton Plaid button up and these sold so well the only sizes we still have available are Small and Medium! One customer Lisa Chamber said, “My son loved his shirt, fit great.” These button ups really do make great gifts and our customers reviews prove it another customer Angelia Weldon said, “Bought these button-down shirts for my husband and he loves them!” So, if you need to get somebody in your family a nice button up for an unbeatable price pick you up a Faulkton Plaid Button-Down today. We offer this button-down in two different colors Highland (Blue/Green) and Cranberry (Maroon).


    Highland (center)

    3. Tukabatchee Flannel:

    The Tukabatchee has been a big hit this holiday season and personally as a Brewer’s Lantern employee this is my favorite flannel we have designed but it seems as though our customers feel the same as me from the reviews they’ve left this season. Brian Clark left a five-star review saying “I am 6ft 1 and wear a large in this flannel and love the fit. One of my favorite things about this flannel is the cool leather patch on the front pocket. I wear it every chance I get!” Another customer by the name of SBlack left a review saying “My son loves this flannel, its warm, thin and comfortable plus a great look!” We have a plenty of these in stock still in all sizes so make sure you snag one if you’re looking for the perfect gift this Holiday, flannels are a staple fashion piece in the winter seasons!

    4. Staggerin’ Around Long Sleeve:

    Now we’ve showed you our reviews on our bestselling pullover and button downs/flannels now all you need is the top reviewed t-shirt to complete the look! Our Staggerin’ Around Long Sleeve t-shirt has been very popular this holiday season. Jerry Bell left a five-star review, “Wear it every weekend to the hunting club it’s a very warm long sleeve.” He is not lying our cotton and polyester material is so soft and so warm perfect for being outdoors during the winter. Another customer Walker Johnson reviewed the shirt saying, “The design is light and the material is so soft you’ll never want to take it off.” All our t-shirts are made from the same material so get one for yourself and tell us how much you love it! The Staggerin’ Around Long Sleeve is available in three different colors Lost Sea (Green/Blue), Cabin Red, and Woodsmoke (Grey). Some sizes are sold out of certain colors so get yours while we got them!

    Lost Sea, Woodsmoke, Cabin Red (top to bottom)

    5. Autumn Logo Short Sleeve

    Last but not least our best-selling top reviewed short sleeve t-shirt of the 2018 Holiday season! This short sleeve is the same polyester and cotton material as our long sleeves so it still super soft and light weight. Michael Reeves left a comment recently saying, “Been a Brewer’s Lantern fan for a while and this is by far on of my favorite twists yall have given to your logo.” We could agree more with this review, we love this version of our logo too and are so glad our customer feel the same. Who know you may see this again in future designs! The shirt is offered in Scout Green, Ole Blue, and Woodsmoke (Grey). It may be chilly outside for a short sleeve but there is always room in your wardrobe for more comfy tees!

    Ole Blue 

    Scout Green


    Make sure to always leave a review and let us know how we are doing and how much you are loving your new Brewer’s Lantern products Have a happy and safe holidays from the Brew Crew! 


    Take Your Time! We'll Leave the Light On.

    Leave The Light On Long Sleeve 

    Are you afraid of the dark? Well don’t be afraid anymore because we’ve got you covered with this cotton and polyester long sleeve t-shirt! The design has a cool puff print texture and drum roll please.…. it GLOWS IN THE DARK! Never get lost in the darkness again with this one. This comfortable and lightweight design is hot, fresh, and ready for your wardrobe.

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    Long Sleeve T-shirts for Chilly Starry Nights!

    Long Sleeve T-shirts for Chilly Starry Nights!


    Starry Nights Long Sleeve

    Nothing is better than being wrapped up in a warm blanket underneath a beautiful starry night and if you don’t believe us try it for yourself! This cotton and polyester long sleeve t-shirt is so comfortable and warm you can leave the blanket at home. Designed with the perfect outdoor getaway in mind, we used puff print to really make this shirt pop. Don’t forget to pack this one on your next cabin getaway.


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    Take a Look Through Our Stained Glass!

    Take a Look Through Our Stained Glass!

    Stained Glass Logo 

    This design is too good to cover up! We’ve given our classic red lantern a little artistic flare with this fall favorite. Featuring a stain glass window design with puff print embellishments used on the lantern to really make it shine! This short sleeve cotton and polyester front design t-shirt is made to show off and is a perfect pair with one of our flannels. With its unique design this t-shirt is great for any occasion inside or outside!

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