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    Brewer's Lantern Blog

    Autumn Splendor!

    Autumn Splendor!

    Autumn Logo 

    Who doesn’t love watching the leaves change with the season? We know we do! This design puts a fall twist on our classic logo and gets you ready for the fall weather. With a breathable back design that features our classic logo with a mountain sunset backdrop, we guarantee this shirt won’t weigh you down on your next adventure!

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    Shhhhh! This Brew is a Family Secret!

    Shhhhh! This Brew is a Family Secret!

    Family Brewed 

    Like the neon lights from your favorite watering hole this shirt will stay on for you all night long! With a design inspired by the root beer that our very own Grandma Brewer used to brew in the basement, we guarantee that no matter what brew your enjoying this front design t-shirt will be sure to keep you lit. With material made from polyester and cotton this t-shirt will provide you with maximum comfort all day long.

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    Need Some Directions?

    Need Some Directions?


    Brewer's Terrain 

    Need some direction on what t-shirt to get next? This typographic map design was inspired by Arthur Bruce Brewer’s love for the great outdoors and the beautiful Georgia Pine trees. With raised puff print on the lettering this shirt has a true typographic map feel to it! Don’t get caught wandering around on your next adventure this cotton and polyester t-shirt has you covered.

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    Perfect T-shirt For the Perfect Day!

    Perfect T-shirt For the Perfect Day!

    Choctaw Falls 

    Blue skies, green grass, a stunning mountain view, and a beautiful freshwater stream flowing into a waterfall. This design features the outdoors-man’s perfect camping spot! Made with cotton and polyester this short sleeve t-shirt is a must have this fall! Named after the hunting club founded by Arthur Bruce Brewer this t-shirt pays tribute to his love of the outdoors and the idea of finding that perfect outdoors spot to settle in and pitch a tent!


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    Music Midtown 2018 Recap!

    Music Midtown, Atlanta's annual music festival happened this weekend at Piedmont Park and people of all ages packed into the park by the thousands! With appearances from artists such as Post Malone, Portugal the Man, Kendrick Lamar, Foster the People, Khalid, Gucci Mane, Billie Eilish, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Fallout Boy, Imagine Dragons, and many more, this music festival had a little bit of something for everyone. Music Midtown has been happening for many years now, I believe it started in 1994, but this was my first time attending the Atlanta festival! While the crowd was very very young and the beer choices weren't the best this weekend as a whole was extremely enjoyable listening to popular artists I know and love while also discovering some new music to take home!

    Music Midtown 2018 Lineup Poster 

    Music Midtown 2018 festival map

    Day One: 

    Day one of Music Midtown went down on a Saturday and in my opinion this was the day to go to. Saturday's headliners consisted of Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Kacey Musgraves, The Revivalists, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Portugal the Man, Fall Out Boy, and Post Malone. Unfortunately we weren't able to see all of these artists because at music festivals it really is hard to see every act, so throughout the weekend we had to pick and choose who we wanted to see. We started our day off with Rainbow Kitten Surprise a band who's sound is genre defying and hard to place but they remind me a lot of bands like Modest Mouse and Kings of Leon. This was one of the bands I was excited for but was unfortunately somewhat let down... They played a lot of songs from their new album, which I am not a huge fan of. They did eventually play songs from their older albums and those were awesome to see live mostly due to the bands odd but electrifying stage presence! Never heard Rainbow Kitten Surprise check out my favorite song by them below.

    Lady Lie - by Rainbow Kitten Surprise on Spotify

     Rainbow Kitten Surprise at Music Midtown 2018  (Salesforce Stage) 

    The next two artists we wanted to see were Portugal the Man and Post Malone, lucky for us the stages these artists were performing on were right next to each other! Portugal, the Man came before Post Malone and what a show they put on. I really had no idea what to expect from this band, they have great studio albums but I was unaware of their awesome stage presence. First thing that caught my attention was how they opened the show, they started off with a very well done cover of Metallica's For Whom the Bell Tolls and Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2. They continued their set with songs like Live in the Moment and Feel it Still from their newest album Woodstock and other classics like Modern Jesus and Hip Hop Kids from their album Evil Friends. 

    Portugal, the Man live at Music Midtown 2018 (Great Southeast Music Hall Stage)

    You could tell as soon as soon as Portugal, the Man's set ended that a majority of the people in that area were there to see Post Malone. Throughout the festival there seemed to always be a nice mix of people at each stage but Post Malone was one of the two main headliners Saturday and if you were not at Fall Out Boy on the opposite side of the park you were in the massive crowd at Salesforce stage waiting for the beerbongs & bentleys rapper to take the stage. Posty hit the stage with some thunder and made sure to play all his hits from both his Stoney and beerbongs & bentleys album giving the crowd plenty to sing along to. Post played crowd favorites like Too Young, Better Now, rockstar, White Iverson, Candy Paint, and Paranoid before closing his set with an energetic Congratulations. My main takeaway from Post Malone's performance was how he kept the crowds energy up! He would talk to the crowd after every song and make sure that everyone was there for the same reason he was, to party! 

    I wasn't very close to the stage... but check out how hype the crowd is! 

    Post Malone at Music Midtown 2018  (Salesforce Stage) 

    Day Two: 

    Day two of Music Midtown took place on Sunday and while Saturday was a pretty stacked lineup Sunday also had its fair share of popular artists hitting the stage. Sundays headliners consisted of Billie Eilish, Bazzi, Foster the People, Gucci Mane, Khalid, Imagine Dragons, and Kendrick Lamar. Most of the more popular acts don't start till later in the day so we had a lot of time to wonder around and check out some of the not as well known artists on this day. First we went and checked out this band called Black Pistol Fire, a two man band from Texas who's genre and sound is a lot like The Black Keys. These guys were incredible though and definitely worth checking out! They did a really cool cover of Childish Gambino's Redbone and during the final song the guitarist dove into the crowd with his guitar crowd surfing while playing! Next discovery we made was a guy from New York City that goes by the name of Two Feet. I honestly cant peg a genre for this guy but he uses elements of electronic beats while playing his bluesy sounding guitar making a very hazy and mellow sound. It was funny because this guy only has like 10 songs so after his last one he said to the crowd, "well thats all i really got..." So he replayed his most popular song again with even more energy than the first time. Enjoy discovering new music? Check out Black Pistol Fire and Two Feet on Spotify by clicking the links below! 

    Suffocation Blues by Black Pistol Fire

    I Feel Like I'm Drowning by Two Feet

    Our first headliner we saw this day was Billie Eilish the 16 year old rising star from Los Angeles with a sound that resembles Halsey and Lana Del Ray. I didnt know anything really about this girl besides she eats a tarantula in one of her music videos but apparently she is pretty popular from the size of the crowd she brought in, and I'll even admit I do enjoy most of her songs. Billie had her brother with her on stage with a drum kit and turn table during the performance providing all the beats and music behind her singing. From what I have learned they write her songs and make the beats to her music together. 

    Billie Eilish at Music Midtown (Cotton Club Stage) 

    Foster the People was next on our list and honestly they were another one of the main reasons I purchased my ticket! Everybody is a little bit familiar with Foster the People due to their hit song Pumped Up Kicks. Foster the People put on a really good show playing a mix of songs from all three of their albums. They played my favorite song, Helena Beat, which was cool to see live. My favorite takeaway from Foster the People was their cover of Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones. Unfortunately Foster the People and Gucci Mane were scheduled at the same time so we had to leave Foster the People early to catch the back half of Gucci Man. There newest popular song Sit Next To Me was playing as we walked towards Gucci's stage. 

    Foster the People at Music Midtown 2018 (Roxy Stage) 

    The last two artists we saw this weekend were Gucci Mane and Khalid, and again you could tell that a majority of the people in the festival were there to see these two artists. Gucci Mane came before Khalid on Salesforce stage and we were only able to catch the last 20 minutes do to Foster the People. When we walked up to the Gucci Mane stage it was in between songs but the next song played wasn't a Gucci song. Lil Yachty a rising star in the Atlanta rap scene came out as a guest and played his popular song Minnesota. When Lil Yachty came on the stage the crowd that was already ecstatic and bouncing went into an even more excited frenzy! Gucci played a bunch of his fan favorites such as Both, I Get The Bag, Back on Road, and Wasted! 


    Gucci Mane at Music Midtown 2018 (Salesforce stage) 

    The last artist of our weekend was Khalid and I really don't have much to report on his performance. By this time Sunday my group and I were burned out and ready to call it a day. I know he opened his set with 8TEEN and then played several that I wasn't familiar with, after he played American Teen we left! I hate that we missed Kendrick Lamar because I have read and heard that he put on a really good show.

    Good Bye Music Midtown

    So to wrap this blog up Music Midtown 2018 was a very enjoyable experience for me and the group of people I was with. I felt the lineup was diverse and had a genre of music for everyone, I pretty much enjoy every genre so it was cool that you could be at a rock show and then 45 minutes later be jumping around to Wasted by Gucci Mane. Looking forward to next year! 

    If you were at Music Midtown this year tell us about your experience! If you saw an artist we missed tell us about it in the comments below!