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    Top Takeaways from Widespread Panic in Nashville!

    Top Takeaways from Widespread Panic in Nashville!

    1. Setlist 

    If you are unfamiliar with Widespread Panic (WSP / Panic) they are a jam band from Athens, GA with a large arsenal of songs and a genre that uses elements of jam band, southern rock, blues rock, jazz fusion, and psychedelia rock. Much like the fans of the Grateful Dead, Panic fans tend to follow the band all over the country during their tours chasing their idea of the perfect set, fans of WSP are known as "spread-heads". This show was my first Panic show and I am not going to lie JB and the Boys spoiled me and brought the heat with Fridays setlist!! They played my favorite song, Diner, as well as others that my friends and I were hoping to hear. I know I would have enjoyed the show not knowing any songs but it just makes it better when they play your favorite jams! The setlist below is from the Friday, August 31st, 2018 show in Nashville, it was their 1st night of a three night concert series.

    Want to experience the show for yourself? Click this link PANICSTREAM

    Hodge's favorites: Pleas, Space Wrangler, Bear's Gone Fishin', Diner, Surprise Valley, Blue Indian, and Pigeons

    2. Ascend Amphitheater

    Ascend Amphitheater is located in the heart of Nashville, TN literally 0.3 miles from the main strip on Broadway Street. First reason this is a top takeaway is that we were able to walk to the venue from our hotel which was super convenient. No parking or having to worry about Uber just a nice little walk on Broadway Street and we were there! Next thing that stood out to me was the size of this amphitheater compared to what I am used to. Ascend only holds a maximum of 6,800 which is not a lot compared to my usual venue, Lakewood Amphitheater in ATL, which holds 18,900. I liked how small it was though because there wasn't a bad spot in the lawn! We sat on the left side if you are looking at the stage, this is known as the "Jimmy-side" at Panic shows because its the best view of lead guitarist Jimmy Herring. Definitely recommend this venue to anyone looking to see a show in Nashville! 

    3. Diner (JB Rap/Ramble) 

    As I mentioned in the first takeaway WSP played an incredible setlist at the Friday show and on that setlist was one of my favorites, Diner. Diner is a song from the bands 1993 album Everyday. This song has been my favorite for awhile now and was the main song I was wanting to hear before the show! The studio album version is good but it's really the live versions you want... In the live versions Jimmy Herring, or Mikey Houser depending the date of the recording, the lead guitarist has three long and energetic solos that really get you on your feet, but the best part of this song is the middle when the lead singer John Bell (JB) starts "rapping/rambling". All the instruments slow down and faintly play in the background while JB starts muttering and rapping in a way that you almost cant tell what he is saying. It's a really interesting part of the song because the song is energetic and fast paced but the rap is mellow and toned down. You really have to hear it to understand it! 

    Check out Diner by WSP for yourself on Spotify with the link below! 

    Widespread Panic, Diner: 10/28/17 Park Theater, Las Vegas, NV 

    4. Rooftop Bars

    Broadway Street in Nashville, TN reminds me of a cleaner and more country version of Bourbon Street, meaning that its always a party on the strip! There are so many choices of bars to visit and mostly all of them have live music, sometimes multiple bands on different floors of the bar. One thing that I didn't get to experience last time I went  because of the cold was the rooftop bars. Living in Carrollton we dont really have a scenic rooftop bar but in Nashville they are everywhere and so much fun. Our favorite was Dierks Bentley's Whisky Row who's rooftop bar was one of the highest in downtown Nashville! It was just really cool to be outside and have a view of the whole strip/city. If the weather is right and the sun is shinning I would 10 time out of 10 recommend taking the hike to the top of the many bars on Boradway! 

    Photo taken on rooftop of Dierks Bentley's Whisky Row

    5. After Party in Downtown Nash-Vegas

    This was my first concert in Nashville but I have been to the town a few times before just to go out on the strip. This trip was definitely my favorite because going out after the show was like a big after concert party! Once we left the amphitheater literally it seemed like the whole venue just walked straight to the bars. This is what made it so fun because you would run into somebody that went to the show and then you automatically just started talking Panic and music. Besides the fact that there were a ton of spread-heads out and about Nashville is a great place to go for a weekend and have a good time! There is an over load of live music in this town, every bar has 1-4 stages and mostly all of them have a rooftop bar now! Get to Nashville it's something everybody should do once! 

    Hodge's favorite Bars: Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row, Jason Aldean's Rooftop Bar & Kitchen, Honky Tonk, Tootsies, and Ole Red! 


    Leave a comment below!

    Tell us about your favorite places to visit in Nashville or any recent concerts or music you've seen that we should check out ourselves!

    Fourth of July Activities & Events for Everyone!

    Fourth of July Activities & Events for Everyone!

    1. Attend a Firework Show: 

    It isn't a 4th of July celebration without fireworks! Watch the sky light up with the entire family by attending a local fireworks show. Don't forget to pack a cooler and some lawn chairs! Mostly every city in the country has a firework show that is free to the public. 

    2. Pool Day: 

    Sometimes with holiday plans, less is more. Invite friends over, make delicious summer drinks, maybe play a few patriotic tunes, and then kick back, relax, and soak up some sun. Click the link below and find the right Fourth of July cocktail for your pool day! 

    26 Red, White, and Blue Cocktails to Celebrate the 4th of July

    3. Head to the Ballpark: 

    I mean it is America's favorite past time, so why not go catch a ball game on America's day? Pack the family up and go to the local ballpark for some friendly competition or head out to the nearest stadium to watch your favorite local minor or major league team play. Unfortunately the Braves are not at home this year... 

    Atlanta Braves vs. New York Yankees @ Yankee Stadium

    July 4th, 2018 1:05 PM

    4. Have a Barbecue 

    I can't think of anything more American than a backyard full of friends and family, cold beers and drinks of all kinds, and a smoking grill whipping up some tasty barbecue for everyone to enjoy. This is your more traditional Fourth of July celebration but you can never beat a classic!

    5. Plan a Patriotic Trip: 

     Around the country on the Fourth many cities will be hosting their annual Fourth of July event which often include parades, free concerts, fireworks, and of course food! These events are often free of charge and family friendly! Below I've listed a few events in the Southeast that I thought looked the most fun! 

    • Let Free Sing! Music City's July 4th - The Music City July 4th celebration in downtown Nashville, Tennessee is a full day of family fun, fireworks, and free live music! Lady Antebellum is headlining this years free concert. 
    • 43rd Annual Gatlinburg Fourth of July Midnight Parade - Each year the people of Gatlinburg pride themselves with being the first parade on July Fourth! Their parade starts at 12:01 AM and usually has 80,000-100,000 people come out and attend. From what I've read this is a family friendly parade but its also one big party! 
    • National Independence Day Parade - In Washington DC the celebration starts along Constitution Avenue; in the afternoon with live music and a family day. In the evening, the biggest fireworks show in the country blasts off from the Reflecting Pool and lights up the sky above the Capitol, White House, and Washington Monument for almost 20 minutes.
    Let us Know Where You're Headed this Weekend! Comment Below!

    Top Reasons Writing is Good for your Mind, Body, & Spirit

    Top Reasons Writing is Good for your Mind, Body, & Spirit

    Photo Credit: @kylefinndempsey

    April's great grandfather, Arthur, wrote a long story after drinking one night and it was discovered YEARS later in his basement. It was a known fact that he liked to write, but 90% of what he wrote was kept in his journal for his eyes only! After reading this – we wonder what else he could’ve written about!


    3 Reasons Why Writing is Good for your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT

    Writing for your Mind, Body, and Spirit | Brewer's Lantern

    1. Writing helps you communicate with others better. The better you are with writing, the better you can communicate with people. In return, this will let you have better relationships with others!

    2. Writing can improve your immune system. Identifying any negative emotions and writing about them can decrease your stress levels tremendously. By jotting things down, you can analyze what’s wrong and figure out how to make the correct changes!

    3. Writing can also help you deal with upsetting or difficult experiences or situations. Just a few lines a day will keep anxiety away. Get your thoughts down on paper and see how your much your mood improves!

    Below are some places that my family, friends, or I have visited that are perfect places to escape reality and get some thoughts down on paper.


    5 Places to Get Away and FREE your Mind

    5 Places to Get Away | Brewer's Lantern

    1. Dry Tortugas, Florida (Best time to travel there: September)

    Because it is 70 miles off the coast, you MUST take a boat or seaplane to get to the Dry Tortugas. They have a National Park that is known for amazing bird watching. I don’t know about you, but sitting outside, listening to the bird chirp makes me feel very comforted.

    2. Carova Beach, North Carolina (Best time to travel there: March-May)

    Carova Beach is located at the very top of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. There are no hotels or stores, just a lot of beautiful vacation homes. This takes away a lot of the distractions and lets you become one with yourself and feelings.

    3. Stowe, Vermont  (Best time to travel there: September – February)

    There are a lot of places to adventure to and write in Stowe, Vermont. You like hiking mountains? They’ve got those. What about sitting by the river and listening to the water? Check! There are tons of places to ride your bike and smell the fresh air. Find your perfect spot to become besties with your journal.

    4. Lodge on Little St. Simons Island, Georgia (Best time to travel there: June – August)

    The Lodge is a very private resort on a very private island. It is an all-inclusive resort that has a lot to offer. You can kayak, ride bikes on the beach, go fishing, or sit on the screened in front porch and listen to the cricket chirp.

    5. Sebago Lake, Maine (Best time to travel there: June – August)

    Sebago Lake is a massive body of water. So big that people say it feels like a hidden ocean.  The locals there refer to it as THE lake. Sebago offers other activities to participate in. If you are the golfing type, visit Naples Golf and Country Club. There’s nothing like an open driving range or quick 9 to ease your mind!


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    Best Places to Watch the Sunrise & Sunset This Summer

    Best Places to Watch the Sunrise & Sunset This Summer

    Best Places to Watch the Sunrise & Sunset This Summer

    Sunrise & Sunset | Brewer's Lantern

    I've had an ongoing "Things That Make Me Happy" list, that I've compiled throughout my teenage-current years. My Top 2 have ALWAYS been, Watching the Sunrise and Watching the Sunset. 

    Below is a List of my Top 5's for Both! Some of these Places I've actually traveled to, but some are still on my Bucket List! I've also added a link to all of these for ya!

    ***Comment below if you've got some of your own Favorite Vacation Spots to Watch the Sunrise and Sunset so I can Add them to My List!!**


    1. Grand Canyon, ARIZONA (Summer Sunrise 5:13am)

    2. Cadillac Mountain, MAINE (Summer Sunrise 4:52am)

    3. Yosemite Valley, CALIFORNIA (Summer Sunrise 5:38am)

    4. Hatteras, NORTH CAROLINA (Summer Sunrise 5:49am)

    5. Washington, DC (Summer Sunrise 5:45am)


    1. The Florida Keys (Summer Sunset 8:10pm)

    2. Laguna Beach, CALIFORNIA (Summer Sunset 7:55pm)

    3. Anywhere is ALASKA (Summer Sunset 11:15pm)

    4. Dauphin Island, ALABAMA (Summer Sunset 7:48pm)

    5. Panama City, FLORIDA (Summer Sunset 7:39pm)

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    Top Takeaways From Dave Matthews Band in Atlanta

    Top Takeaways From Dave Matthews Band in Atlanta

    1. Live Debut of "That Girl Is You" 

    At Saturday night's Dave Matthews Band show in Atlanta he opened the show by debuting the new single, "That Girl Is You." This single will be on the band's upcoming album "Come Tomorrow," which is set to be released June 8th. This song is considered one of my favorites now. This song literally will give you chill bumps from the vocal power Dave Matthews brings on this track. 

    Dave Matthews Tour 2018 | Brewer's Lantern

    Check out the live debut from Saturday's show with the link below!


    2. Adding To My Collection

    One of my favorite things about a Dave Matthews Band concert is every time I go, I get to add another concert poster to my collection. At every show, there is a different poster and only about 900 get printed so you have to get your poster first thing or they will sell out. This year was my seventh DMB show and my fifth concert poster to get, while I was leaving the venue this year, a couple asked me if I'd sell them my poster for $300 (which I politely declined). One of the shows I went to, I forgot to buy a poster... worst mistake. It was my first Dave show on July 4th, 2014 in Chicago, IL. That poster is going for almost $1,000 online right now... The original price of each poster is $50 usually.                                                                                    

    My Collection

    Dave Matthews Tour 2015 | Brewer's Lantern

    Atlanta, GA 2015

    Dave Matthews Tour 2015 | Brewer's Lantern

    Tuscaloosa, AL 2015

    Dave Matthews Tour 2016 | Brewer's Lantern

    Chula Vista, CA 2016

    Dave Matthews Tour 2017 | Brewer's Lantern

     Atlanta,GA 2017 

    Dave Matthews Tour 2018 | Brewer's Lantern

    This years poster Atlanta, GA 2018

    3. Jimmy Herring 

    Dave Matthews Band is a band that is known for their live performances. Often during these performances, the band has a guest come play a few song with them. At Saturday's show, Jimmy Herring (the lead guitarist for Widespread Panic) was the special guest. Jimmy Herring is worshiped for his electrifying guitar solos in the jam band community. He joined the Dave Matthews Band for two songs "Satellite" and "#41" where he had two solos that made the crowd go absolutely insane! 

    Dave Matthews Tour 2018 | Brewer's Lantern

    Check out Jimmy's solo in "Satellite" with the link below! 

    (solo starts at minute 3:20) 


    4. It's Concert Season!

    Summer is my favorite time of the year, and the reason why is because summer is concert season. Personally my favorite way to see a concert is by getting lawn seats at an amphitheater. If you've never sat in lawn seats I highly recommend it because you'll meet the best kind of people and some of the biggest fans out in the lawn. I have four more concerts I am planning on attending this summer. Next will be Dead & Company in Atlanta GA, then Tedeschi Trucks Band in Tuscaloosa AL, and then back to Atlanta for Dispatch, and then to wrap up the summer Widespread Panic in St. Augustine, FL! No matter what genre you love, go to concerts! They are such a good time, you'll meet incredible people, and they make for a great activity this summer! 


    Dave Matthews Band Setlist from 05/26/18 in Atlanta, GA

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